Understanding 4D MAG Goggles and BirdsEye Technology

Understanding 4D MAG Goggles and BirdsEye Technology

The 4D MAG family of goggles are some of our best selling and favorite goggles for a reason. They combine the largest field of view of any of our goggles with our easy magnetic lens change system, to give you a piece of gear that can handle any objective in any conditions.

The special sauce of the 4D MAG, that gives you that largest field of view and lets you see more on the mountain, is our BirdsEye Vision technology. Ski and snowboard goggle lenses typically come in two shapes, cylindrical and spherical. Cylindrical lenses are built on a base curve in only the X (horizontal) axis, which means that they curve across your face from left to right, but do not curve up or down, while spherical lenses are built on a base curve in both the X (horizontal) and Y (vertical) axis. Having the spherical lens curve both left to right, as well as up and down, increases your peripheral view and the increased surface area of the lens also helps prevent fogging. 

What is BirdsEye Technology?

BirdsEye technology takes spherical lenses one step further so that you can see even more. The bottom portion of the lens curves downward and inward toward the face, giving you a 25% increase in your overall field of view compared to our other Spherical lenses. This bottom curve of the lens can sometimes be disorienting when you first put the goggle on if you aren’t used to it, but don’t worry, you’ll acclimate in no time and appreciate the extra visibility that comes with BirdsEye technology. We recommend getting used to the lens on an easy run for you before taking it out on tougher terrain. 

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